Spaniards ask for less loans, but they are 13% more indebted than Europeans

According to the data collected in the study on the “Evolution of household savings”, prepared by Finanbest, the level of indebtedness of Spanish families is 13% higher when compared to the average collected from the rest of European countries. Something surprising about this fact is that Spaniards have reduced the request for credits, so, in theory, the level of indebtedness should be gradually reduced. For this reason, we show below some loans that will help us to have capital without over-indebting us and some tips to be able to save and, thus, avoid ending up in an unstable economic situation.

What loans will help us not to become indebted?

What loans will help us not to become indebted?

If we need liquidity, whether small amounts of money for a specific unforeseen event, to finance a good or service or even give a monetary injection to a work project, we can resort to different types of credits.

However, if we do not want to borrow too much, it is important that we look at certain aspects such as the amount we request, the period in which we will reimburse it, the cost we will pay for the money (including any extra expenses such as commissions, linked products, etc.)…

Taking into account these factors, we show advantageous loans that will be useful depending on the purpose we have- get them before.

Tips to save, even if we request credits

Tips to save, even if we request credits


Although we find ourselves in difficult economic situations and decide to apply for credits, it is important that we have certain recommendations in mind to ensure that we always have some small savings in case the situation becomes untenable:

  1. Establish a budget: it is important that we know in detail all our expenses and fixed monthly income to be able to keep an exhaustive control of our economy.
  2. When we go to buy something, make sure we have searched and compared to all the offers available in the market to know that we have found the most advantageous.
  3. Reduce domestic daily expenses related to supplies such as water, electricity, gas, etc.

If we put these simple tips into practice, we will probably achieve better financial health and we will not see ourselves in the position of needing external funding.