Credit in 1 hour – why wait so long?


A quick borrowing is sometimes essential. Therefore, many consumers are interested in a loan in 1 hour.

Among other things, when spontaneous purchases are to be made or when it must respond quickly to an acute financial problem. How a credit works in 1 hour, learn here.

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What is a loan in 1 hour?

What is a loan in 1 hour?

Normally one should be able to assume that financial matters are carried out in peace and with great care. But our fast-paced time demands again and again that fast and effective decisions have to be made in the area of ​​finance.

Therefore, a loan in 1 hour is not uncommon. In fact, this is a loan offer that can not be recorded within an hour.

As a rule, the money from the loan is also available within one hour. For this to succeed, it is necessary to fulfill various requirements.

Among other things, this would be the right choice of loan.

How do you recognize a loan in 1 hour?

How do you recognize a loan in 1 hour?

“Credit in 1 hour” should be considered a slogan rather than a credit description. Many banks advertise with such quick loans.

Whether these can then be implemented in the end in this short time, is another question. In particular, with online loans, in principle, nobody can give a guarantee.

It works the application via the Internet quickly and, above all, at any time. But even an online application needs to be thoroughly checked.

In addition, borrower and bank have to sign the loan agreement. Not to mention the confirmation of the identity of the borrower and the payment of the money.

A lot of work that needs to be done in an hour. Therefore, a loan in 1 hour usually comes from a local bank.

It is a small loan that does not require large collateral. The credit line can also be accessed and provided quickly.

Similarly, merchant loans used to finance purchased goods. Large loan amounts, long maturities, and earmarked loans, on the other hand, do not speak for speedy processing and are therefore not eligible as a loan available within 1 hour.

First the comparison, then the borrowing

First the comparison, then the borrowing

Even if it has to be quick – before each borrowing a comparison should be made. Think about what you need the money for the loan.

This makes it easier to borrow because it allows you to take advantage of loan offers tailored to your needs. If you decide to take out a loan from a bank on the ground, then pay attention not only to the opening hours of the bank, but also to having all the necessary documents with you.

If the bank is at your bank, the identity card is sufficient. If it is a foreign bank, you should also be able to provide proof of income and bank statements.

In a dealer credit usually the identity card is sufficient. The income is not relevant here. It is important that you have income over 500 USD a month.

What to do with an online loan?

What to do with an online loan?

The Internet is massively advertised with a loan in 1 hour. But often the deadline can not be met, because the cost of borrowing is simply too large.

If, however, you opt for such a loan offer, you should be aware that the loan is unlikely to be ready in an hour. However, the bank will be very anxious to process the loan quickly and conscientiously.

And with a little luck, he will be ready for you on the day of the recording.

Our tip:

Apply for your loan in the morning. Then the bank has enough time for processing.

If you have an online loan, you should also remember that banks do not work weekends. Apply for the loan on the weekend, it can be processed on Monday at the earliest.

By the way, the loan in 30 minutes comes from Neofunding, which in 24 hours from the Camibank.


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